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Jovanka Ristich

Exhibits at

Westgate Galleria

I reimagine unworn, outdated or unwanted jewellery, refashioning it into new, one-off necklaces that can’t be bought anywhere else. I’m particularly drawn to brooches, earrings and beads of every shape, size and hue, especially ones that are deemed dated or dull. I love matching and mismatching a whole host of disparate items into something totally different and it’s this challenge that inspires me to create.

Everything I work with has had a previous life, which means, on occasion, surface imperfections might be visible. Personally, I think it’s these ‘signs of age’ that add to the item’s charm, giving it character. The only things that I use which are new are the crimps and the quality, multi strand, plastic coated wire with which I thread each necklace.

Bijou Rebooted