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Westgate Galleria

Apart from a few art classes at school, my first attempt at making any art didnt happen until my early fifties, when I attended a free painting class. Encouraged by the tutor, I signed up for adult education classes in Gravesend and then Tonbridge. I sold a few paintings which was very encouraging. I then signed up for a pottery class and fell in love with the hands on process and the magic of turning a lump of clay into a cup or bowl or anything you could imagine. I was determined to master the art of throwing a pot on the wheel, five years later and I'm still trying. After a few terms at college I bought a wheel and kiln and started potting from home. I had a brief foray into the exciting world of Raku firing before finding the unpredictable craft of Saggar firing, patiently waiting for the embers to cool down to reveal what the combination of banana skins, seaweed, sawdust, various chemicals and fire had created. I have recently been experimenting with sulphates and salts which give beautiful effects but are difficult to use.

During the covid lockdown and as a response to global warming, the overpopulation of the planet, the overuse of resources and destructive nature of mining for gold, silver and precious jewels, I have been experimenting making jewellery using natural materials such as nuts and seeds. Whether this type of jewellery will be seen as beautiful recycling or cheap material is an interesting challenge.