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Maddy Grout

Exhibits at

Westgate Galleria

| studied Fine Art at UCA Canterbury and Goldsmiths College, London.

My love of the sea and beach has influenced my artistic creations, none more so than the sea glass jewellery I create. Each piece of glass used has been collected personally from local Kent beaches over thirty years and is selected for its colour and shape. I do not tumble or polish each piece of glass but prefer to leave it just as the sea has created it. Each piece is unique and has its own hidden history, creating intrigue and interest. I use silver-plated chains, clasps, ear-wires and charms.

Being conscious of my impact on the environment I limit my packaging to cardboard jewellery boxes and paper bag wrappings. When foraging for sea glass I also collect plastic rubbish and debris that could be harmful if left and wherever possible I recycle this.

More recently my work has included items for everyday use and home decor using driftwood collected on the beach whilst searching for sea glass. It's an artistic upcycle of wood that has already had a very interesting life. As with the sea glass I leave the wood as found. I may cut a piece to fit a design but all the wood remains untreated.

My love of colour, shape, and form draws me towards ceramics and I enjoy creating sculpture as well as working with the wheel making my now famous "wonky pots". I use a pale Chaucer glaze to enhance the organic nature of my work, often coupled with a striking turquoise blue, and my most recent work has included combinations with a matt white glaze.

I am also a keen painter.