Renee Richardson

I am a 54 year old local lady who is dealing with health issues that have allowed me time to indulge my passion for arts and crafts.

My collaged and assemblage artworks use responsibly-sourced materials as much as possible. From foraging in my garden and local beaches, to charity shop purchases and recycled products.

My inspiration is the latest interior design trends incorporating nature, wildlife and historical events in my life.

Anne-Marie Rymill

Anne-Marie Rymill is a professional Margate-based fine art painter. Her home studio is located by the vibrant art-hub of Margate’s Old Town, a short walk to Turner Contemporary Gallery and Tracy Emin's studio and new art school. She is a member of the ‘Association of Animal Artists’ and her award-winning artwork is found in local galleries and in exhibitions and private collections both in the UK and internationally. She regularly donates artwork to support animal conservation and local charities.

Since previously attaining a BA Hons in Fine Art (sculpture with photography) she graduated in 2022 from an intensive 18 months of study with Milan Art Institute on their prestigious ‘Mastery Program’ studying Old Masters’ oil painting and drawing combined with contemporary mixed media materials and techniques resulting in the implementation of cutting-edge processes.

Working in an ‘Abstract Realism’ style her process starts with gestural movements using inks, high-flow acrylics, soluble graphite, wax pastels, collage, modelling paste, stencils, spray paint, acrylic paint, and acrylic mark-making. The tempo slows with refinement using pigments and often precious metals (gold and silver leaf) in conjunction with natural textures for example crystals, abalone shell and diamond dust; always finishing with oils and by implementing colour temperature and ‘chiaroscuro’, light and dark are amplified thus adding to the sense of depth and drama.

Anne-Marie Rymill joined the resident group of artists in The Eclectic Art gallery in the Summer of 2023

Stephanie Fuller

I am a painter and sculptor with over three decades of experience as an exhibiting artist. I moved to the UK in 1982, but my family's Margate ties go back to the 1940s and 1950s when they were antique dealers in the area.

My artworks embrace the beauty of simplicity, and the splendour of the natural world, with particular focus on flowers, seascapes and marine and beach life; encouraging viewers to connect with the sublime and the unremarkable.

I have exhibited globally, when living in Australia, Los Angeles and at Pangolin London in 2022, and in The Royal Academy Summer Show when I lived here previously. I've also contributed to the arts community by teaching at university. I currently teach art to children and adults in my studio in Deal. I also served as a trustee for The Peter Fuller Memorial Foundation for two decades organising, with Roy Oxlade, an annual lecture at the TATE Gallery in London.

I've undertaken commissions for private clients and contributed to public art with sculpture installations. I returned to the area of my family heritage in 2019 and am excited to contribute to the vibrant art scene in Thanet.

Wendy Carter

I have recently retired from my busy consultancy business working with the NHS. As a person who likes to be busy and having rediscovered my love of sewing I made some dog coats for my own dog. Expanding to making coats to sell at fairs I have progressed to include accessories in my range. I enjoy making items that are different to those sold in the stores and making them unique.

I produce hand-made dog coats and accessories such as leads, collars, bandanas, poo bag holders etc.  These are either machine or hand sewn or a combination of both sewing methods. I make to order on request and can also provide costs to fit harnesses if required. I source my fabric locally if possible , not in large quantities, which means that items cannot always be duplicated in the same fabric.  Designs are unique and sometimes 'one-off'.

Lesley Gray

Nature inspires me creatively and emotionally to connect with my feelings and inner self.
As a Graphic Designer and Illustrator I enjoy experimenting with new art materials and pushing them to achieving different results. Over Lockdown I pushed myself to try abstraction which, as an illustrator, I found rather difficult. I tried to recreate feelings and emotions.  As a Scuba Diver I’m connected with nature and my Dive Buddies. At home I try to recreate and connect those feelings, colours, joy and emotions into my artwork. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I don't. Like the sea, my paintings can be challenging and variable but I always try to evoke the spirit of the place.

Peggy and Anthony Elsdon

Based in Kent, Peggy and Anthony Elsdon are husband and wife jewellers.

They create sculptural jewellery with an ancient Japanese technique called Mitsuro Hikime. It uses a combination of pine resin and beeswax (supplied by their family's Kent bees) to make the initial formations. Then lost-wax cast into recycled precious metals. This technique allows them to create truly organic and freeform structures akin to bark, flowing water, paint brush strokes etc.

Commissions and the remodelling of jewellery are welcome..

Abby Pilkington

I am a jewellery designer-maker, handcrafting genuine gemstone and sterling silvery jewellery. Each piece I make is a one-off design, and never repeated.

I am passionate about creating one-off designs. Using sustainable, eco friendly, genuine and ethically sourced materials. My vision is for every customer to have something unique to them, and to enjoy wearing the beauty found in nature.

I studied Fashion and Jewellery Design at the London College of Fashion. Then obtained further qualifications in Silversmithing at Central St. Martins School of Design in London. Going on to teach jewellery making to students of all ages and abilities at London's top rated jewellery-making school.

After three years of leading groups in different styles of jewellery making, I decided I wanted to handcraft my own designs and sell my vision direct to customers.

I was very honoured to have my jewellery feature in the September 2016 edition of Harpers Bazaar fashion magazine.

I am now proud to be selling through Westgate Galleria, gift shops in London, online and at artisan craft markets. I am happy to take commissions and you can contact me through Westgate Galleria.

Claudia Camilleri

West Kent vintage inspired and wartime influenced artist, author and illustrator.

With much interest in history and details of World War 1 and World War 2, I  delight in bringing together my vintage, military, aviation and Homefront greetings card collections.

Produced from my own watercolour paintings I bring you my collectable range of unique, signed greetings cards.  Each design having a feel of yesteryear..

I am a self-taught artist working in the mediums of watercolour, acrylics and pencil.


Richard Harrison

Based in the seaside town of Broadstairs, I create hand-crafted characterful and unique ceramics. I enjoy incorporating items such as driftwood and sea glass found on the glorious beaches of the Kent coast.

I use various methods such as throwing, coiling and slab building. They can be enjoyed in the home or garden. Each piece is first Bisque-fired to 950 degrees C in the kiln to set the clay. Once the piece is glazed and decorated it is then fired for a second time. I use either an electric kiln (powered by solar panels – when possible) or the Japanese gas-fired Raku technique.

Keith McBride

Much of my work is inspired by the people, architecture and transport systems in London from the period I spent working in the capital. I enjoy working with acrylics and canvas but start each new piece with an ink drawing. Then I incorporate cartoon style art and silkscreen printing to achieve my final artwork. I spend many hours researching the subjects of my work. Finding the best pieces from magazines to enhance my bespoke collages. It is as much as a surprise to me how it will finish as it is to anyone else.

I comment on cultural trends and topics of the day through my art. Themes such as money and power alongside cultural icons in fashion and lifestyle.

I  have achieved an international reputation for my collages and has been commissioned to produce work all over the UK and indeed worldwide.

Nero Nehrer

Nero (Radovan Nehrer) was born in Slovakia and now lives with his wife and two sons in Broadstairs, Kent. He has studied material design. His passion for testing the many aesthetic functionalities that material can have has evolved into his bonsai wire tree making.

For Nero each of his trees has life. Nero sees each tree that he makes as a work of art that he hopes will have a positive impact on the world.

Everyone can find their own meaning in the art of his trees.

Nero's trees can be inspiring, grounding and calming pieces. They help us to reflect on the world and our place within it.

Richard Savin

Richard Savin is a retired journalist who now devotes his time to writing. In the early part of his career he worked extensively in Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India. After ten years in Asia he returned to the UK, and in a change of direction, indulged his lifelong passion for cooking, opening his first restaurant under the name of La Petite Auberge de Sal Savin where he was head chef. Widely acclaimed by the food critics for the Times, Evening Standard and the wider press he went on to open and operate two further restaurants in London as well as a popular City bar.

In 1990 he sold his restaurant interests and returned to journalism; first as editor for a national magazine and then as features writer and commissioning editor for Surrey County Council's education tabloid newspapers. During that time he was a regular guest broadcaster with BBC's Radio South up until 2005.

First book, Vakiabad - Iran was published by Canongate, Edinburgh, 1980 but he did not return to writing books until his retirement. He first novel was published in 2017. Since then he has had 15 books published.


The Girl in the Baker's Van

A Right to Bear Arms

The Boy from the Tangier Souk

The Sudden Death of a Cucumber

More than One Passion

The Haunting of the Harlequin Goat

The Girls from New York

Girls and Boys Come Out to Play


Vakiabad - Iran

Turn Left at Instanbul

In the Company of Goats.


Samantha Halliwell

My name is Samantha Halliwell and I am the owner of Hare and Moon Jewellery.

Based in my small studio in Margate I design and make silver jewellery. I want to make jewellery that people can wear every day. That they can love and cherish for many years to come. You can wear my jewellery day in and day out. I want my jewellery to make you as happy to wear it as it makes me to make it for you.

My Jewellery
I make my jewellery from sterling silver and silver metal clay. You can hallmark silver metal clay as fine silver after firing (99.9% silver). Silver metal clay is a fantastic medium for making jewellery. You can mould and form it into many different designs. It is dried, sanded and refined before being fired in my kiln to leave fine silver.

I have various inspirations for my designs but I am not sure that I have found my 'signature' piece yet. Influenced by nature as well as geometric shapes my jewellery takes many forms. I also have a range of quirky stud earrings that are quite popular.

Legally, any silver jewellery that is above 7.78g in weight has to be hallmarked but a lot of my work weighs less than that. I have my own hallmark and am happy to discuss hallmarking any piece of jewellery you purchase. I am also open to discussing any request you may have for jewellery to see if I can make you something unique and special.

My training
I am largely self-taught and have attended evening glasses for silversmithing. These included silver metal clay lessons from Joy Funnell in Hastings. As a member of the Jewellers' Academy I have access to in-depth, comprehensive training and support on many different aspects of jewellery making. I am also a member of the Guild of Jewellery Designers which also provides education and support as well as my public liability insurance.

The environmental issue
In this day and age, we are all trying to make sure that we have an eye on being environmentally aware. I use recycled silver which is equal in quality to non-recycled precious metal, but it is kinder to the environment. All my packaging is recyclable and reusable.

Eric Honzek

I left school at the age of sixteen. I then attended the Medway College of Design for three years. When I left in 1973 I had successfully completed a course in technical graphics and obtained a diploma as well as a City & Guilds qualification.

Thereafter I worked for several companies, and on a self-employed basis for a while, providing illustration and camera-ready artwork for clients in the UK as well as abroad.  In addition to this I have developed over the years an interest in producing portraits of peoples' pets.

As I have now retired from work I am able to devote more time to drawing and painting. I normally work in acrylic paint or in graphite pencil although recently I have started to use oil paint. I have completed numerous commissions and my work has been exhibited in London as well as several galleries locally.

In March 2022 I was the New Kent Art Gallery in Broadstairs' guest artist of the month and in the same year I had a solo exhibition at the York Street Gallery in Ramsgate.

At present examples of my work are on show in the rear dining area of the Churchill Tavern, Ramsgate.

Christina Diekmann

I am a Birchington-based maker who loves working with paper. When I come across a piece of smooth, pristine paper, colourful or craft, I think about what kind of stars, wreaths or baubles I can create out of it.

My inspiration comes from my German heritage and Christmas traditions. I especially love stars - what is better than a star especially when it comes to Christmas time. Creating something beautiful, traditional and timeless is my joy.

I genuinely love learning and can't start quick enough creating all sorts of origami and origami style stars, single or modular, 6, 8 or 16 points, one colour or multicolour.

I hope my passion for paper folding brings joy to others.

Lisa Peru

My name is Lisa. I am a mother, teacher, designer and maker.

Growing up in London, I qualified as a Surface Designer and Lecturer. I then moved to Margate with my partner and son eight years ago.

Crafts and anything creative have always been my passion. Previously I specialised in printed textiles however my interest now lies in glass-fusing and tutoring. A great believer in art therapy, I enjoy encouraging others to be creative and to find something they can be passionate about too.

I moved to Westgate-on-Sea in 2022 and I am very happy to be part of Westgate Galleria.

Nick Howlin

Hi, I'm Nick.

Nick's Knits is a small business run from my home and by me.  Every item you see on my display at Westgate Galleria has been individually designed and handmade by me.

How it all started

Way back in the mists of time (well, the spring of 2018), I was looking for a new hobby, something that would give me the opportunity to channel my creativity. A friend suggested knitting. "Random" I thought ... but hey, why not? So off I went to a local shop and bought some wool and knitting needles, never having knitted before, but with the help of YouTube, I attempted my first scarf. The result wasn't too good. My second wasn't too bad and it continued like that, each time improving bit by bit. Christmas came and a lot of friends received a lot of wool-based presents.

February 2020

It was time for a new challenge.  So, I taught myself to crochet.


It has been quite a couple of years for us all. Now Nick's Knits is a full-fledged business, still run by me from my home.

I now mainly focus on my crocheting. This medium really enables me to create the ideas I have swimming around in my head. Nature in all its forms and glory inspires me along with Scandinavian design. I love the simplicity of scandi design and I like to think that reflects in my pieces.

I can't follow a pattern, it makes my head spin, so everything I make has been designed in my mind, which means I always make original pieces.

Alice Hewitt

Alice Hewitt is a Margate-based sculptor and miniaturist specialising in tiny food.

She takes her inspiriation from food photography.  Also the food grown in her family allotment, that brings such joy to her dinner table.

Thoroughly believing that you can have your cake and eat it too, Alice aims to bring the beauty on your plate to your every day jewellery.

Each pair of earrings is handmade with polymer clay. Each pair is therefore unique and no two designs will ever come out identically.

Maureen Georganou

Hello, I am  Maureen, a Textile Arts (BEd Hons) graduate and a former textiles teacher. I taught for many years in Margate before moving abroad to raise my boys.

My love of textiles and everything handmade was greatly influenced by my very talented Grandmother Ginny. She taught me to knit, crochet and sew as a child. Grandmother Ginny gave me the skills which I developed into a career and a lifelong passion.

I have been designing and making hand crafted items throughout my life, focussing on yarn crafts in recent years due to being unable to source fabrics. I also enjoy recycling and repurposing fabrics and yarn to create unique and bespoke items for all occasions.

My boys are now studying in Canterbury which has given me the opportunity to return to the place I fondly regard as "home".

Gary Dadd

After years of exhibiting art, and serious illness, I became a full-time artist in 2021.  Creating detailed portraits using the written word and fascinated by playing with ideas of seeing and of reading simultaneously.

I have sold art across the globe. In the next twelve months I will be exhibiting in Margate, Cambridge and Los Angeles.

Currently I am working on commissioned pieces and my next exhibition which is themes around cultural and scientific icons drawn on their own words.