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It's a bright and welcoming place.
I have only recently joined and the guidance of both Vivienne and Sarah has been exemplary.  I was so excited when I had my first sale. 
It’s a great place to have my work surrounded by so much talent. 
I thank Viv and Sarah for taking my first book to sell and I hope to give them my second one in a couple of weeks, boosted my confidence enormously. 
I like being part of Westgate Galleria because there are so many talented artisans.  I am very proud to have my books on display.
Absolute pleasure to be part of Westgate Galleria family.  Run by 2 brilliant ladies whose love of arts and crafts shine out.  Professional to the core.
I am so glad to be part of such a wonderful group of people. 
Westgate Galleria is a very supportive and friendly gallery and has a wide variety of lovely artisan wares.
I have met some very inspiring people.  I have found my little space in Westgate Galleria has helped me develop my ceramic work.  
Westgate Galleria is the art of the community.  Full of gifted artist gifts; and I am so pleased to be alongside such local talent. 
I secured my space in Westgate Galleria when it opened and haven’t looked back since. Highly recommended. 
I am proud to be part of the Galleria’s merry band of artisans.  I have a newly found confidence in myself and what I do. 


We’re heading into the last few days of this exhibition of art celebrating Thanet’s countryside and coastline. All by local artists, who responded to an open call we did at short notice. It’s been so successful that we’ve decided to run it again next year and will give you artists more notice next time we promise! For now, there is still an opportunity to grab yourself a bargain from established and emerging artists, as all exhibition pieces are priced under £150. Look out for the blue labelled pieces amongst work from our resident artists and makers too. #thanetartists #affordableart #supportlocalartists @westgategalleria #westgategalleria #westgategalleriathanet @shorelinepartners @shorelinegallerias #shorelinegallerias ...

Coming soon, all welcome, free entry, please do let us know if you need seating @westgategalleria #westgategalleria #westgategalleriathanet #mylifeisworthliving @carol_m_creasey #carolmcreasey @shorelinegallerias #localauthor #writingaboutautism #talkingaboutautism ...

Just a small taster of cards we have available for celebrating Fathers’ Day, lots of artisan-made goodies too. This one is letterpress-printed by David Wadmore, a one off design. We’re open 10am to 5pm Monday to Saturday, on Station road in friendly, picturesque #westgateonsea @westgategalleria #westgate #westgategalleriathanet @shorelinegallerias #westgategalleria #artisanfathersday #shoplocalwestgate #shoplocalwestgateonsea ...

This Saturday, an opportunity to find out more about the source materials and the author behind this very popular series of nostalgia books all about Thanet. All welcome, 11 til 2, at @westgategalleria, 29 Station Road, CT8 8RB. Running alongside our June exhibition celebrating the beauty of our Isle’s Countryside and Coastline, and, of course, the dozens of displays by our resident artists, makers and creatives. @nick.evans.5817 ...

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