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Anne-Marie Rymill is a professional Margate-based fine art painter. Her home studio is located by the vibrant art-hub of Margate’s Old Town, a short walk to Turner Contemporary Gallery and Tracy Emin's studio and new art school. She is a member of the ‘Association of Animal Artists’ and her award-winning artwork is found in local galleries and in exhibitions and private collections both in the UK and internationally. She regularly donates artwork to support animal conservation and local charities.

Since previously attaining a BA Hons in Fine Art (sculpture with photography) she graduated in 2022 from an intensive 18 months of study with Milan Art Institute on their prestigious ‘Mastery Program’ studying Old Masters’ oil painting and drawing combined with contemporary mixed media materials and techniques resulting in the implementation of cutting-edge processes.

Working in an ‘Abstract Realism’ style her process starts with gestural movements using inks, high-flow acrylics, soluble graphite, wax pastels, collage, modelling paste, stencils, spray paint, acrylic paint, and acrylic mark-making. The tempo slows with refinement using pigments and often precious metals (gold and silver leaf) in conjunction with natural textures for example crystals, abalone shell and diamond dust; always finishing with oils and by implementing colour temperature and ‘chiaroscuro’, light and dark are amplified thus adding to the sense of depth and drama.

Anne-Marie Rymill joined the resident group of artists in The Eclectic Art gallery in the Summer of 2023