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Jayne Wright

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Westgate Galleria

I have been potting for 22 years. I was taught by Romilly Graham in her London studio. I mostly hand build and work with moulds in stoneware and porcelain.

I am concerned about how disposable our society has become, we have so much unnecessary packaging and most of us guilt-cycle. I use my ceramic making to raise awareness and challenge these habits by making pieces that I hope people will want to reuse and keep. I use disposable plastic packaging and bric-a-brac from charity shops to press mould ceramic pieces. I also take plaster casts from some disposable objects and make permanent pieces from porcelain slip. I use oxides and stoneware glazes. I mostly twice-fire in an electric kiln but occasionally once-fire and very occasionally experiment with Raku firing.

Since moving to Margate I have been lino cutting images of local iconic buildings and printing into clay adding another dimension to my work.

I add sea glass and ceramics to some of my pieces that I find on the Viking Coast, I record where I find the glass under the pot.

I also make big pieces with reclaimed clay that reflect how beautiful our Kent Coast is. It is important to me that my work reflects sustainability and has a gentle message.