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Hi, I started making jewellery a few years ago after taking a short silversmithing course and discovered a real passion for creating bespoke jewellery. Each piece is lovingly handcrafted in my garden studio in Ramsgate.

The silver seashells are all moulded from real shells that I have found on local Thanet beaches then cast in fine silver clay. The sea glass used in my designs is all genuine UK sea glass. This beautifully patinated glass has been aged in the sea for a minimum of 60 years and then hand collected by me or my keen beach combing friends and family.

The majority of my silver comes from recycled sources and I recycle any offcuts and lemel left over from production too - waste not, want not! I use recycled and FSC approved packaging and am trying to eliminate the use of plastics and other unsustainable materials in my business.

I also create sterling silver and sea glass stitch markers, as I am a keen knitter and love using handmade notions when creating a handmade garment.

I work with another independent local business to create my Coast candle, which uses a scent created especially for me. We worked for weeks to get it perfect and to smell exactly like a fresh coastal breeze!

I have created a range of jewellery from which I donate 10% to a local not for profit organisation - Dane Valley Woods (a community woodland on a former landfill site). This range is all about trees and leaves to reflect the work of the organisation.

Sea Worn Jewellery