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Laurence Short

Exhibits at

Westgate Galleria

I am a local artist from Ramsgate and I love to embrace nature, enjoying everything it can throw at me.  Apart from my art, my other passion is kitesurfing, a sport where I can really feel the force of nature and harness its power.

The aim of my art (which is still evolving) is to capture the wonder and beauty of the creatures we are so lucky to share our planet with, and to depict them in bright vibrant colours.

My mantra for my art is:

"Put some happiness in your life, hang a rainbow on your wall"

I call my artwork Triptych Art, as I paint my pictures in a way that they can viewed from three distances.  Please try this with the artworks marked "Triptych"

From afar you see the whole picture, in vivid colours.

Move closer and you will notice these colours are broken up into separate shapes.

Up close, you will sea individual patterns within those shapes.

Three views in one: Triptych Art.

I hope you enjoy my artwork and can understand how I have taken the wonder and beauty of nature and added my own vibrant rainbow twist.