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Linda Rendle

Exhibits at

Westgate Galleria

I have always loved sewing since being taught as a young girl by my French grandmother. While working full time as a nurse, sewing was a hobby and I made items for myself, family and friends. However, since reducing my hours in my regular job, I decided to take the plunge and see if anyone else liked what I made. I started with a few craft fairs, then opened an Etsy shop a year ago. In November I was privileged to have a shelf in Westgate Galleria where I have been selling statement cushions and a variety of small gifts.

I love nice quality fabric, vibrant colours, detail and a finishing touch. Most of the fabrics I choose have a wildlife element as this is my passion. You will notice lots of bee fabrics which I am particularly fond of and these are in memory of my father who was a garden beekeeper. I hope you enjoy my work and look forward to your custom.


By Linda Rendle