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Westgate Galleria

Hi, I'm Nick.

Nick's Knits is a small business run from my home and by me.  Every item you see on my display at Westgate Galleria has been individually designed and handmade by me.

How it all started

Way back in the mists of time (well, the spring of 2018), I was looking for a new hobby, something that would give me the opportunity to channel my creativity. A friend suggested knitting. "Random" I thought ... but hey, why not? So off I went to a local shop and bought some wool and knitting needles, never having knitted before, but with the help of YouTube, I attempted my first scarf. The result wasn't too good. My second wasn't too bad and it continued like that, each time improving bit by bit. Christmas came and a lot of friends received a lot of wool-based presents.

February 2020

It was time for a new challenge.  So, I taught myself to crochet.


It has been quite a couple of years for us all. Now Nick's Knits is a full-fledged business, still run by me from my home.

I now mainly focus on my crocheting. This medium really enables me to create the ideas I have swimming around in my head. Nature in all its forms and glory inspires me along with Scandinavian design. I love the simplicity of scandi design and I like to think that reflects in my pieces.

I can't follow a pattern, it makes my head spin, so everything I make has been designed in my mind, which means I always make original pieces.