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Vic Sharratt

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Westgate Galleria

I am a Wildlife photographer, based in Westgate-on-Sea, Kent

I started taking wildlife photos in my garden in Birchington in the mid 90s after a trip to Kenya.

Having never used a DLSR camera before and knowing nothing about photography it was unsurprising that the images I brought back from the East African trip were pretty poor. Those days of course I used slide film and when the results came back from the lab I was shocked how bad the photos were. My wife said I managed disappointment like a man... and sulked for a week!! Determined to go back to Africa and do better, I set about learning the art of photography. The hard work paid off and after a second trip to Kenya one of my images won an Arts Council award and I was on my way. The following year one of my photos was used by Drusillas Park, Sussex for their advertising programme. In the 20 years since I have travelled widely taking artists and photographers on working trips to many countries, exhibited in both Africa and USA and written articles for a variety of magazines. I have just completed 5 years as President of The Wildlife Art Society International and am now semi-retired.