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London to Margate: Hand-pulled Prints
The Eclectic Art Gallery
25th November 2023 - 1st February 2024
11:00 am - 4:00 pm
Keeley McCalmont & Sarah Gibbon

London to Margate: Hand-pulled Prints

Keeley McCalmont and Sarah Gibbon met as teenagers, when working as Saturday girls in a shoe shop on London’s Oxford Street in the 1980’s. They bonded over their shared love of soul music, shoes, and all things arty. Four decades later, still the best of friends, Keeley is Head of Art in a London school, Sarah co-runs two group-based independent art galleries in Thanet. Still both working full-time, they cherish their trips to see each other in London and in Margate. They have been learning hand-pulled printing techniques in recent years, triving to make time to nurture their creative selves around all their day-to-day responsibilities. This exhibition - extended to end of January 2024 - showcases a selection of etchings and linocut prints celebrating the towns they love.