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Wild: Exhibition by Susie Bear
The Eclectic Art Gallery
28th October 2023 - 23rd November 2023
11:00 am - 4:00 pm
Susie Bear

Wild: Exhibition by Susie Bear

The artist Susie Bear uses a variety of materials both natural and man-made to create abstract art to immerse all the senses. As a multimedia practitioner she likes to create paintings, sculptures and installations. She often uses unlikely combinations to make striking large-scale displays. She tells us that her process is very much organic. Initially the idea begins from a personal transcendent experience. The concept gains its own gravitas within the simple structure and tactile nature.

Susie's work is an exploration into the juxtaposition of humans and nature.  It draws on the intrinsic connection between the two and sometimes the lack thereof. She aims to metaphorically play with human nature's inherent need to attain power and control, bringing to light questions over morality and egocentric behaviour.

Formation of Susie's work often revolves around patterns found in the natural world to include symmetries, fractals, spirals, meanders, waves, foam, tessellations, cracks and stripes. Fuelled by her inquisitive mind, research delves into mathematics, chaos theory and symbolism. These factors result in an extremely varied body of work that is constantly evolving, pushing the boundaries of nature connectedness and aesthetic experience.

Susie hopes that her work ignites the viewers cognitive processes, by inviting them to experience the awe of sublime nature.
The Eclectic Art Gallery

Susie's work is on show alongside a display of contemporary original art by our gallery's resident group of local artists. Their works include paintings, figurative and abstract. Photography - traditional and digital - is also represented. 3D work features too, with ceramics, jewellery, and wood sculptures. Prints, greetings cards and postcards are also available.

The gallery is open Thursdays to Mondays, 11am to 4pm (5pm in the Summer season). It is in Margate's historic Old Town, near Turner Contemporary. The local area is a great venue for a day or weekend trip, in all seasons.

As a special bonus for visitors in October, the gallery is taking part in the East Kent Open Houses (EKOH) Arts Trail on three weekends - 14/15, 21/22 and 28/29.