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Exhibition: Tony Caroli's Fused Glass Artworks
The Eclectic Art Gallery
2nd April 2022 - 28th April 2022
11:00 am - 4:00 pm
Tony Caroli

Exhibition: Tony Caroli's Fused Glass Artworks

Tony is a fused glass artist based in Ramsgate in Kent in the UK. Not having a definitive style,  he goes with the flow with his art. He frequently works on a number of pieces at the same time. He often revisits past creations and themes, exploring them again with new results.

Each piece of Tony's fused glass art is carefully and lovingly created by hand. Sometimes starting with a sketch, developing it into a workshop template. Sometimes simply cutting, forming and shaping the glass. It is fired flat in a specialist glass kiln over a 24 hour period at a temperature of around 800 degrees. His bowls, dishes, figures and the free-standing sculptures are then fired a second time to 'slump' the glass into a mould.

Tony's inspiration comes from almost anything. It can be as simple as seeing some fish bones, or a piece of fabric. Even nature itself can lead to some fantastic creations. He does, on occasion, like to play with artists historical designs, transposing them into glass. He finds inspiration almost anywhere; even watching Bargain Hunt lead him to creating a series of tribal masks, all so very different.

Tony loves nothing more than to go to art galleries and see what amazing creations are out there. He told us that living in Thanet means he can easily visit the Turner as well as so many other fantastic galleries..

Tony says ....." I enjoy nothing more than working in my studio. My creations are put into my kiln, and if the kiln gods are favourable I am amazed by the lovely glass that comes out when it's fired. Opening the kiln is certainly an exciting moment. But mistakes can happen. Sometimes they are happy ones which can never be recreated. I love it when a piece of mine goes to a new home. It’s fabulous when I receive a picture of it proudly displayed in its new home".

Tony's exhibition takes place alongside a display of contemporary art by our resident group of local independent artists. Their original works include figurative, expressive, plein air and abstract oil, acrylic and watercolour paintings, and pen and ink drawings. These are on display alongside traditional and digital photography, ceramics, jewellery, and some mixed media pieces too. All artists refresh their displays regularly. A diverse, and yes, eclectic, selection of prints, cards and postcards are also available. All work is available to purchase.

Our gallery is open Wednesdays to Sundays, 11am to 4pm (5pm in the Summer). It is located in Margate's Old Town, near Turner Contemporary. The local area is a great venue for a day or weekend trip, in all seasons. See here for more detailsincluding travel directions.