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Murder at Westgate Bay: Meet & Greet with Carol M Creasey
Westgate Galleria
15th April 2023
12:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Carol M Creasey

Murder at Westgate Bay: Meet & Greet with Carol M Creasey

An invitation to a Meet and Greet and Book Signing with Carol M Creasey. Carol will be in Westgate Galleria on Saturday 15th April to talk to visitors about her work, her characters, and her inspirations, and to sign copies of her new book, Murder at Westgate Bay,

Carol is a Kent-based author who wrote her first book about her autistic son entitled My Life is Worth Living! A best seller in hardback, now available as a paperback only. Since then she has juggled looking after her family, working in retail and running a business with writing ten novels and an autobiography, Candidly Carol.

Book Synopsis:
Now permanently relocated to the Kent coast after the successful outcomes of his two previous murder cases, DCI Alan Clarke is just settling in to his new environment, together with his wife and baby son, when he is called to solve the cold-blooded and premeditated murder of Dr Ian Jones at Westgate Bay.

The doctor has been sedated and poisoned, dying in agony. DCI Clarke soon has a list of suspects, ranging from the doctor's estranged wife and her lover, his gambling brother, his housekeeper and her sister. Added to these, Dr Jones's love child Holly comes into the frame...and then there is a second murder by poison.

Whilst the similarity of the two murders seems more than coincidence, DCI Alan Clarke cannot work out a connection, until a single piece of apparently innocuous evidence comes to light. But is it too late to prevent further murder and loss of life?

For readers further afield, or those unable to attend the event, Murder at Westgate Bay can be pre-ordered.

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